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Big Changes for Our Little Family

You know those moments when you just know deep in your gut that the Lord is about to do something big? Where it even seems almost crazy? But you just go with it because you know if it seems that crazy it’s got to be good. That is where we are. Our little slice of comfort has been turned upside down in a matter of weeks. And we just keep saying, “This must be you, Lord.” In less than a month, our family is leaving OKC, the city I’ve lived in or around for 20 years, and heading to Stillwater! 

So let me give you the back story.

We moved in to our current home a little over 4 years ago when I was pregnant with our oldest. We love this house and the location, however, we have always known this wasn’t going to be our forever home. It wasn’t even where we wanted to be when he started school. So we knew we had about 5 years to find where we wanted to be to raise our family.

Jump ahead to last summer, we decided to start looking at houses in towns surrounding OKC to try and figure out where we wanted to be. We knew we had a little over a year before we really needed to start preparing to move, but we wanted to get a feel for what we were looking for. We looked at a handful of places, with no direction, and just not finding what we wanted. 

As we were driving home from my parents’ house the Friday after Christmas, T decided we needed to first figure out where we want to be. Then we can just focus all of our efforts on finding a home there, instead of looking all over the place. So we started talking about all the towns we had looked in and what we did or didn’t like about them. Then out of nowhere, I just said, “What about Stillwater?” That hadn’t even been on our radar over the past 6 months of looking at houses, but we both love the town. T used to live there, and we seem to be there quite often. After just a few minutes of talking about it, we both knew Stillwater was the place. It just felt right. 

So of course, T started looking at homes in Stillwater almost immediately. He came up with a few over the next couple of days that we were somewhat interested in. But in our mind, we are in no hurry. We really didn’t plan to start the “looking to move” process for another year. 

That next Monday, we were meeting some family in Stillwater, so we decided to just see if we could look at a couple of these houses just to get a feel for the area. We had 2 that we were hoping to see. The one we really liked online wasn’t available to be shown that day, but we could see the other option. We knew we probably wouldn’t want this house but did want to check out the area. Plus, we just really enjoy looking at houses, so why not? 

We pulled up to the house and I immediately thought, “This is it.” We were pleasantly surprised by what we found in this house. We found everything on our must-have list, plus so many things on our “we’d love to have” list. Like 3 acres. A playroom. A guest room in addition to the extra room for T to have as an office. A big kitchen. A big back porch. And 2 big trees spaced just perfectly for our hammock we’ve never been able to use. 

We left the house and could not stop talking about it for days. I had multiple conversations with people just affirming that this seemed right, that maybe now was the time to start pursuing the idea of getting our house on the market and making an offer on this house. That maybe now is the time to make our move to Stillwater, not to wait a year from now. It was exciting and overwhelming, with all the adrenaline pumping jitters. Haha! 

T and I went back for a second showing of the house the following Sunday and decided we want this house. So over the course of the next week, we had an intense time of getting our house looking perfect for photos, just so we would have them ready for whenever we decided to place the house on the market. And man, doing this with two small kids is no easy task! But that’s another post for another day. It was a crazy, exhausting week but we managed to get our house looking so good! The photographer came to take the photos, which made our house look amazing. After talking with our realtor about what we could list the house for, we decided to go ahead with placing it on the market and just seeing what happened. We felt so drawn to getting to Stillwater, and to that house, that we knew the Lord would just direct us to what to do. And we were trusting that even if it wasn’t that house, it seems the Lord is ready for us to leave our current home and he would provide what comes next. 

Within 30 minutes of placing our home on the market we had a couple of showings scheduled. We had an offer on our house in less than 24 hours. While we sat on the couch talking through our counter offer, we knew that we could just say no. We didn’t have to counter, we could just wait for another offer, because once we counter back, if they accept it, that’s it. We are moving. And as soon as T said that to me, I just looked at him with tears flowing and said, “We have to sell our house. It’s time to leave.”

They accepted our offer early the next morning. We sold our house in less than 2 days. The Lord was making it very clear that it’s time to leave.

So here we are, in the chaos of boxes, just trying to figure out what’s next. We are in a waiting period with the house we fell in love with, not even sure it will work out. So we are living out our faith. Literally. We have no idea why the Lord seems so urgent on getting us there, but we’re going. And praying fervently that we won’t have to be in a rent house for too long. Ha!


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