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Protecting Little Hearts

Moving. It’s literally the worst, right? Trying to pack, change your address, pack, figure out how you can not cook for the next week so you can pack your kitchen, laundry, pack, and all the day to day things you still have to do… it’s exhausting just thinking about it. Add in 2 little ones and you basically have a perfect storm on your hands. Packing takes forever and trying to do things in an organized fashion is pretty much impossible. Not only is the actual act of packing made so much harder because the kids always seem to need you right when you get started, but there is this big emotional aspect of a huge life change. And momma’s emotions are everywhere. 

I don’t handle change well, and I am struggling. I am dealing with these big emotions about closing this chapter of our lives- leaving a church we love and a children’s ministry that has loved on my boys since the day they were born, saying goodbye to my dearest friends who have daily walked this road of motherhood with me, and walking away from the home we brought both boys home to. Everything that is familiar and part of our daily routine will be completely different. I am trying to process all that, and I’ll be honest, some moments are not pretty.

But the thing I am most concerned about is how this process will affect my little guys, mainly my almost 4 year old. How do I protect his heart and keep things stable and consistent for him while still helping him understand what is happening. He is having to walk away from all his comfort zones as well, he just doesn’t really know what that means. How do I help him understand that saying goodbye to things is hard, but we do it because we know that something really good is waiting for us on the other side. Even though everything inside me wants to just cry. 

So we have taken on the view that the Lord is taking us on a big family adventure and we are just following where He wants us to go. We are constantly reminding him that all 4 of us will all go together, and we will take all of our stuff to a new house. Nothing will be left behind. (His first question about our move was “What will happen to all my toys and my bed?”) And we pray every night that the Lord would help us with our move. Our main goal as parents is to teach our boys that God is good, faithful, and always with us, which is why we can follow him to a new town and new house.

This is the first time as a momma that I’m having to guide one of my boys through a season of hard change. Saying goodbye to our friends, teachers we love, our favorite parks. The thought of him having a sad heart makes me ache in a way I never have before. But I know the Lord is good and wants to use this to help me teach Him that God is always with us. That God sees our sad hearts and is sad too. Because my little guy will continue to have hard seasons. He will have heartbreaks and life changes that don’t make sense and he will need to know that even then, God will see his heart and want to comfort him and walk through it with him.   

If you’ve been through this and know the struggle to protect a little one’s heart while helping them walk through big changes, I would love to hear your words of wisdom.


One thought on “Protecting Little Hearts

  1. This move is a great adventure for you and your guys! Keeping that perspective in mind, each day will present new challenges, new places, new people and it will be so exciting to experience them all with your precious family! God truly truly, truly holds your family and holds the future!!! Love you all ❤❤❤❤❤

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