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We Made It To Stillwater

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It has been the craziest 7.5 weeks of my life since we decided that Stillwater was the place we wanted to live and now we are here…living! Thinking back over the past 2 months, I just keep thinking “this HAS to be God.” Things have just moved too quickly for them not to be. Deciding to put our house on the market just to see what would happen and then being under contract within 48 hours was such a clear sign from the Lord that it was time for us to leave. It was time to move north. And how could we not follow where He was leading us, knowing that by just stepping out in faith, His grace, faithfulness, and sweet provision will be everything we need and what we crave?

So we have followed in obedience and stepped out on an incredible journey of trust, one that I’m sure I will be processing through for quite some time. We do not have all the missing pieces, like where we will live permanently, what church we will attend, and even how long it will take to find our people, but we are here. 

And yet, even with all the unknowns, the hard goodbyes we made, the lack of knowing where we belong…there is this incredible peace that has overwhelmed me. It’s the peace that Jesus talks about in His Word that He promises to give to those that are walking in obedience to Him. A peace that surpasses all understanding. I felt it as soon as we drove away from our OKC home last Saturday afternoon.

Jesus doesn’t promise that this peace comes easy. He does tell us that we will have troubles, heartaches, and loss. But that in the midst of that, in the midst of the loneliness, the tears, the questions, He is all we need. He alone is peace. And it’s this peace that keeps me moving forward, excited to see what the Lord has planned for us here.


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