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How We Met

Tonight as I sat watching my boys play in the living room, I realized just how grateful I am for the season we are in right now. Our boys are now each at an age where they interact well and love on each other. The laughter in our house fills my soul. We are on a crazy adventure together as a family, following the Lord to new places, but just being together is so life-giving. 

And even though right now we have no idea where our new home will be or what church we will attend, I have more peace and trust in God’s faithfulness than I ever have before. I have no doubt He will be who He says He is, because He has always proven that to be true. 

You see, 8 years ago I was still single, longing to someday spend my life with a husband who loved the Lord as much as I did and I spent many waking hours praying the Lord would fulfill that ache in my heart. I was about to turn 30 and just felt like time was passing me by. I had gone through major heartache a few years before and had dated some, but nothing seemed to work out. My standards were very high, thanks dad 🙂 and I knew in my heart that the Lord would bring me someone with some of the same crazy standards I had and that I would not have to settle for anything less than His best. So I pursued the Lord as the giver of my dreams and realized that knowing the Lord and Him showing me more of Himself was better than any of the dreams He gave me. 

Within about 5 months, everything would change. What I only dreamed the Lord would bring was standing right in front of me. 

This particular Sunday in November of 2012, I decided to sit in a different section than I normally do during the church service. Come to find out, T did the same thing that day. It was during the handshake that I made eye contact with this full bearded fella and after the service he was brave enough to come introduce himself and ask for my number. He sent me text messages later that day and we met up at Panera a couple of days after that. 

The moment I saw him walk in to Panera, I knew I was going to be able to be totally myself with this guy. Because while I spent so much time trying to find the perfect “Sara” outift (looking cute and stylish, but not too put together), he walked in wearing a hoodie. 

It was through our conversations that night at Panera and the next time we hung out (a few days later) that I began to realize the Lord brought this man to me. T began saying things in casual conversation that were direct answers to huge prayers I had. He was affirming some of the very high standards that only the Lord knew how important they were to me. And over and over in the course of our dating, without even knowing it, T continued to be the revelation of all these longings the Lord had put in my heart coming to fruition. Only the Lord knew of these deepest desires that I was finding in this man who was pursuing me. But he was pursuing the Lord even more. 

We met in November and started talking marriage in February, were engaged in April and married in October. And every day, the Lord just kept pouring out these whispers: “I KNOW you,” “I hear your heart’s cry,” “You are MY beloved, and I want nothing but good things for you,” and “Thank you for waiting WITH me, I know it was hard, but this will be better than anything you could have dreamed.”

And He was right. I am still amazed at this man I am married to and how he is still the answer to so many of my prayers. The Lord STILL hears my heart’s cry, still reminds me that He has good things planned and that if I just wait with Him and for Him to move, it will be better than anything I could have imagined.  

So we are dreaming about our future home, planning for what we desire to use it for and how it will best fit our family and not settling on something that is less than what we truly believe the Lord will bring, because we know the Lord is faithful. And we know He loves to wow His people again and again.


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