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Seasons of Refreshment

I love the month of March. There’s something about this month that brings such refreshment. It’s almost as if just the changing of the calendar page brings things back to life again. Not only with the trees and flowers, but also something within me just feels like it’s coming back to life. Even the sunshine feels different. My heart becomes expectant and excited as I start to prepare for Easter and am reminded by all the new life beginning around me, that it is the Lord bringing hope and new life within me.

Sometimes I don’t realize my heart is in a season of winter until I come out on the other end. It’s when I begin feeling that life and hope return to my soul that I look back and realize I had been walking through a very dry time in my heart. That’s where I’ve been lately. 

Let’s be real. Little ones (especially little ones under 1) are exhausting. Physically and mentally. And the lack of sleep, lack of consistency in naps, teething, and just chasing them everywhere causes me to really lack the discipline to spend time in the Word and be focused on loving and serving others the way my heart so wants to be. It’s like I have a one track mind… physical rest. 

But we are entering a season of refreshment and my heart is just bursting as I feel it coming. The sleep is becoming more restful, our schedule more consistent and our little guy is starting to understand and communicate more. And while I am sad that my baby is not really a baby anymore, I love the season we are in with him. Because, finally, I am entering back in to that season where my desire to be in the Word is met with more opportunities to just sit and rest in it.

The first month and a half of our year was crazy and intense. But sometimes that’s how the Lord is. He speaks so clearly (and this time He spoke pretty loudly) and we knew that even in the rush of everything, as hard as it was, we could trust in the rest and refreshment that was waiting for us if we simply obeyed. And that is exactly what I have started feeling here. My heart has been so weary, but rest and refreshment are finding me as the Lord reminds me He brought us here.

It is just so sweet to walk with Him.

“Return, O my soul, to your rest;
For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.” (Psalm 116:7)


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