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With all this extra time at home with 2 little ones, I’m realizing their attention span is getting shorter and shorter when playing with their favorite things. So I’m constantly trying to come up with some other activities we can do or things we can make. Today we found a winner! HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH!

I found a recipe that is so easy to make and the boys have literally been sitting here for nearly an hour playing with it! The dough turned out super soft and easy to play with, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I was able to make the playdough with things I already had in my pantry.

1 ½ cups flour
¼ cup salt
1 tbsp cream of tarter
2 tbsp vegetable oil (next time I might do 1 tbsp veg oil + 1 tbsp coconut oil)
¾ cup boiling water

Add dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl and stir. Then add the vegetable oil and the boiling water. Stir and then finish up by kneading it with your hands to get it all mixed together and form a soft dough. 

At this point, I added 5 drops of lavender and kneaded it through the dough. It adds a nice calming scent to the dough while the boys are playing with it. You can add any oils to give it a nice scent, I chose lavender to help this be more of a more calming activity. Haha! My oldest said it smelled so good! Next time I think I’ll add a few more drops.

Ok, so how did we get our playdough colorful??

This part was so fun! I let my oldest pick out 5 different colors of markers and then let him go to town drawing and coloring on each little ball I made for him. After he added color we would knead the ball until most of the color had spread and then he would add more color to it with the markers. We just continued this process until we got the balls of dough to our desired color. Super easy and so fun for him! 

Our youngest didn’t get to color with the markers, but he sure is enjoying squishing the dough!



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